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On-Campus Recruitment OCR Final Year


The On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) program runs from September to July. The Fall semester is the peak season for this program. Recruiting companies participating in OCR generally participate in major events, such as Fall Career Fair, hold company information sessions and book interviews on campus.

  • Interview Bookings
  • Company Info Sessions
  • Job Posting

Interview Bookings

We will arrange your interview schedule once we receive an email with the list of candidates you want to interview. The list must contain the candidate’s full name and email address. We must receive this no later than 5 business days before the interview date. When the schedule is complete, you will receive a copy by email along with clear directions to campus.

Please check in at the McMaster University Student Centre Room 226 a minimum of half an hour prior to the first interview.

Process for On-Campus Interviewing:

  1. Post job(s)
  2. We forward applications to you, upon deadline date, via email or you can receive applications as the students apply by logging into our system.
  3. You select candidates to interview
  4. We contact and book the candidates for the interview in one of our interview rooms (free of charge)

Company Info Sessions

Promote your organization on-campus by holding a Company Information Session. Use your session to generate interest and spark conversation or to maintain your company profile.

Company Information Sessions provide you with an opportunity to educate students face-to-face about your culture, recruiting process and job opportunities. These events are usually held weekday evenings and last approximately 2 hours. Network with students and young alumni who are interested in your company.

We will advertise your event for two weeks through our events and job posting portal. We can include a message prepared by you, or we can create a simple date-time-location message for your event. Sessions should be scheduled at least one week before the application deadline.

Posters and other promotional materials should be sent to Gilmour Hall, Room 110. Please book your session when submitting your job postings if possible.

Job Posting

Take advantage of our FREE posting service to fulfill your range of recruitment needs! Our services are accessed by students in every program and in every year of study, as well as by McMaster alumni. Posting categories include:

  1. On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) Opportunities - Target students in their final year of study who are seeking a full-time position upon graduation.
  2. Full-Time Immediate Opportunities - Target alumni who have some experience in their field.
  3. Summer Job Opportunities - Target students in any year, in any major for a summer term of employment.
  4. Part-time Opportunities - Target students in any year, in any major during the school year.

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