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Company Info Sessions

A great way to promote your organization on-campus is to host a Company Information Session. There are a number of venues and options available on-campus that can accommodate your needs. Whether it be a casual pizza and pop meet and greet or a classy wine and cheese reception, every effort will be made to meet your request and ensure that your visit to campus is met with expert detail and coordination.

We recommended that you book your Company Information Sessions early in order to reserve your preferred venue and date. To book for a Fall Session (September – November), please contact us by May. To book your Winter Session (January – March), contact us by October.

Contact by phone or email:

905.525.9140 ext. 23035

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Networking Breakfasts

Watch for more details available soon.

Job Finding Bootcamp

The McMaster Job Finding Boot Camp is a one-week intensive program developed to assist final year students and new alumni engage in all aspects associated with full-time job search.

In order to provide students with a well-rounded experience and an opportunity to receive advice from the experts, we invite our employer partners to join us on-campus and participate in this focused program. Employers act as "mock" interviewers, offering feedback and recommendations to students in the areas of verbal responses and non-verbal cues provided during the simulated interview.

Mock interviews increase a student's confidence and ability to respond to questions effectively in real life situations. Your participation is vital to the implementation of the program and greatly enhances the skills development for students participating in the job finding boot camp, better positioning them for future job search success.

Employment Workshops

Generic resumes and untargeted cover letters; spelling errors and grammatical mistakes - we have seen it all and so have you. Students are genuinely interested in knowing how to create a successful application package which will attract the interest of employers and get noticed. As an employer, you can offer strategic information to students about what you consider to be the essentials in any application.

As a career partner, you have the opportunity to facilitate or co-facilitate an employment workshop (Cover Letter & Resume Writing, Interview Skills) offered by the Student Success Centre or participate in a one-on-one resume critique session or group mock-interview roundtable. Mutually beneficially, students will be able to effectively target their future applications for employment and employers will have a larger pool of qualified applicants to consider when hiring for a position.

Employment workshops are scheduled weekly throughout the academic year (September - April). Let us know a convenient time for your participation and we will arrange the rest. For dates and times of scheduled workshops, refer to our event calendar. Once we know you are interested, we will send you further information on involvement and preparatory materials.

Panel Events

Share advice and your professional expertise with students particularly interested in your field of work. Panel events are topic-specific or industry-targeted. They bring together employment professionals, McMaster faculty and staff in a collaborative exchange of information and ideas to assist students in their own career development and decision making. "Real world" information and examples help students make important decisions regarding their future academic and career choices. Your participation in panel events is another way we can work together to create connections between employability-related skills and academic skills gained in the classroom and through extra-curricular involvement.

If you are interested in participating as a panellist, send us an email and we will contact you with information about upcoming events. Also, if there is a topic you would like covered through a panel discussion, send us an email. We appreciate your input.